Friday, December 09, 2005

Should he Stay or Should he Go?

Well, who would have guessed it. Manchester Utd out off the European Cup without playing a knock-out game. And with no UEFA-cup consolation to boot, Utd have had their European football cut short this season.

Indeed, it has all gone rather pair shaped for Utd in Europe this season. But does this really merit the manager's dismissal? Rather than advocate a particular point of view, I write two opposing points of view for you to make your own mind up.

He's Gotta Go

No question, he is arguably the best manager the club's ever had. But, all that is in the past and we must look towards the future. He has taken the club as far as he can. The European Cup is a special tournament for the club and if this is the best they can now do, clearly the time has come to part company.

Just look at how the form has deteriorated in the competition since winning it. Since the semi-final appearance in 2001/2002 the team's form in the competition has steadily got worse.

2002/2003 Qtr-Final

2003/2004 Second round

2004/2005 Second round

2005/2006 Group Stage

And, we're not just talking about Europe either. Utd have finished 3rd in the Premiership for the last two seasons and not won a sausage. Some of the signing made recently have not proven their worth and the team is overly reliant on Rooney for inspiration. When he is not on the ball the whole team will likely be off it.

They are a long way behind Chelsea this season and what the club need now is somebody with fresh ideas and energy. The current manager is not that man.

He's Gotta Stay

You guys evidently have short memories. No doubt, you are the same people who were calling for his dismissal in the early 90's and after the 94/95 season. And, were you right then? Of course you weren't.

Utd have arguably been one of the most consistent teams in the Champion's League under his management. So, perhaps inevitably things were going to slip eventually. Even the best of them have their days, Arsenal under Wenger have twice been eliminated from the Champion's League in the first-stage. I also recall Bayern Munich suffered a similar fate a few seasons back but went onto win their domestic league.

You have also obviously not taken the time to look at the Premiership table this season. Does it not say that they are second in the league? Having been the only team to defeat Chelsea so far this season they look the most likely to close the gap and challenge them. Do you really think dismissal of the club's most successful manger will improve the situation?

Nobody knows the job better than him. And, if anybody is going to turn things around it will be him. He has been building a new squad and needs time to do that. It's just a refueling thing.

So, there you have it. What do you think? Please, feel free to comment here.