Sunday, August 06, 2006

Time to call it a day?

It is true that this blog has been going since October 2005, almost a year. But when I first started it, I was merely experimenting more than anything else. I wanted to try the blogging medium and so I began with this blog.

Hence the reason I have kept it fairly diverse. Focusing not on any particular subject but merely keeping the blog going with enlightening entries on various subject matter. As events happened I responded, such as when Sven was dismissed or the finale of Highbury, ANZAC day or Remembrance Sunday. As such, I see this blog more as a journal and re-titled it to Matthew On... to reflect this.

And then they came to read it. The audience began posting and whoosh, the experiment had took off!

But as mentioned, this blog was only originally set up only for experimental purposes and has since grown into a sizeable archive. There is enough content now here to split this blog with. Alas, doing so would spell the end for this little corner of the blogging community and the beginning of another.

So readers, I ask you, is it time to call it a day with this blog? Or is there a widespread clamor for it to live on?