Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Best of this Blog

I have been writing this blog since October 2005 now. Since then, it has built up in content and now has a sizable archive of entries. So to save you a shuffle through the archives; I have decided to link you to what I feel are the best entries contained within this blog. They are:

Remembrance Sunday
An explanation on the causes & build up of World War 1.
The Greatest Video Games ever!
My personal top 10 and a few links to other sites raising the question.
Why Play Video Games?
An entry on the software industry and the growth of emulators.
Simply the Best
An entry on the most successful games console.
Highbury Farewell
A brief farewell to a famous stadium.
World Cup Hosts
A record of World Cup hosts in World cups.
The Trident Submarine
The only bit on politics you will find in an otherwise politically free zone.

These are my particular favourite entries. Some are maybe a little long (like Remembrance Sunday) while others are much shorter. Simply the Best hasn't been seen much so you might want to have a read of it. Anyway, have a good look!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunshine and Torquay

Well readers, I haven't updated the blog recently due to being on holiday in Torquay. And of course, the holiday season has been accompanied by the usual Summer sunshine.

To begin with, Torquay was a good place. Well located in Devonshire you can go up to Exeter, down to Paignton and Dartmouth or west towards Dartmoor and Plymouth.

But alas, why would you wish to leave Torquay? Okay, with the exception of Torre Abbey (which is currently closed) it doesn't have much in the way of castles or manor houses. But the Gardens are wonderful, the beach offers a good stretch of sand and on top of that you have an ancient cave, a model village, a museum, leisure complex, boat trips etc etc. Something to cater for most tastes it seems.

And what of the summer sunshine? Global warming they say, or something along those lines. Temperatures are rising!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Former England Manager

As I'm sure you know, the World Cup is over and Sven is history. Not everybody has been pleased by England's performance in this World Cup, and he has had his critics. But really, just how good or bad an England manager has he been?

Taking into account competitive games, there were only 3 defeats to Brazil, France and N Ireland. The other 6 were friendlies that were never taken too seriously. England qualified for all 3 international tournaments and reached the qtr-finals respectably.

This shows remarkable consistency that has eluded past England mangers such as Robson. And even Ramsey failed to qualify for the 1974 World Cup.

But no, we are told that three qtr-finals isn't good enough for such a team of highly talented players. For such a highly paid manager.

Overpaid he may of been, but there are only 3 managers who have ever done any better. Ramsey with his World Cup win, Robson with his World Cup 4th place and Venebles with his Euro 96 semi-final.

With such things put into perspective, irrespective of the fact that England just missed the heights, he must be recognized as one of the better and certainly the most consistent of England managers.