Friday, January 27, 2006

Bye Bye Sven

Hot on the heels from my last piece, 'Eriksson in hot water again,' we have a further installment to the Eriksson saga. Or should I say, final instalment. For the FA have officially announced that he will leave the England job after the 2006 World Cup.

Firstly, credit must go to the FA for resolving this. Had they not done so, then the media speculation surrounding his future would have inevitably dogged England's World Cup preparations. But what of Sven?

Well one can only say this will be his last chance to achieve glory with England, and should he do so permanently silence his critics for the rest of history. So indeed, this is not an opportunity he should miss.

Far too often under his management it has been a story of almost, but not quite. England have shown glimpses, but not quite hit the giddy heights. With a team of very capable players and a good enough draw, Eriksson knows that England will be expected to reach at least the last eight of the tournament.

But, to win it he will need to get the absolute best out of his players. Something he wasn't quite able to do at the last European Championship or World Cup. For that is the job of every coach, to get the best from the players they have at their disposal. And winning the World Cup is the best England can do.

Prove your worth Mr Erikkson, the time has come to deliver. Good luck!

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