Thursday, February 23, 2006

Champions League round-up.

An entertaining week of Champions League football has come to a close. And, let's cut a long story short - with one exception it has not been a great week for British clubs.

Firstly, you've got Rangers being held at home 2-2 by Villarreal. And, it could have been worse had they not pulled of a late recovery to equalize in the last few minutes. Though they aren't quite out, the 2 away goals and home advantage obviously make the Spanish favorites to go through.

And then you have England's finest, Liverpool, being defeated 1-0 away to
Benfica. Not a disastrous result, but not a good result either. Lack of an away goal could prove costly to Liverpool in the second-leg.

But the worst result of the week comes courtesy of the mighty Chelsea. Mighty in the Premiership perhaps, but not against Barcelona where they came unstuck being beaten 2-1 at Stamford Bridge. Okay, so they were unlucky to have a player sent off early which made it very difficult for them against a dangerous Barcelona team. But the 2-1 defeat leaves them in the weakest position of all British clubs.

All that is left to savor therefore, is Arsenal's historic 1-0 win in Madrid. A first for any British club. In sharp contrast to their Premiership form, they produced a commanding performance that merited perhaps more goals. As things stand, you can't write off Real completely.

Still, hats off to them for giving one reason to be cheerful in an otherwise disappointing showing from Britain's finest. Rule Britannia hey? Well maybe not this week.


Matthew said...

Feel free to comment on this entry.

OMGROR said...

What about Bolton? They were very unlucky not to beat Marseilles, especially having a goal disallowed.

Matthew said...

This is a Champions League round-up only.

alcazabedabra said...

Can't say that I follow sports.

Not even the Olympic ones, or my own domestic Football. The one played with the egg-shaped pigskin ball (I'm a Yankee).

I like Baseball, though.

Anyone else like Baseball?

Matthew said...

Baseball, I don't even think I've ever watched a baseball match. Perhaps one day eh?