Monday, March 27, 2006

Scorched 3D

Well, for readers of this blog I have a little treat. I stumbled across this revamp of an old, but classic, DOS game (DOS version screenshot immediately below) available for download: Scorched 3D.

It involves war-games between units, the firing of a large array of arsenal until one of the units loses all its energy and is thus destroyed. The game has been completely revamped with a new 3D graphics engine but retains its basic play and concept. It also has multi-play and on-line play, which is great fun.

You can download the full game from CNET at:

Have fun!


forkev said...

good writeup. thanks for the pic of the old scorch

Matthew said...

No problem. Just finihsed playing Scorch on-line now as it happens. A simple but effective game.