Sunday, November 12, 2006

11th November 1918

As you likely know, it's that weekend again whereby we recall a certain date in history. Namely, 11th November 1918 - the armistice date which ended World War 1.

What can one say about this devastating conflict and the armistice that followed? From a strictly historical perspective, the armistice of 1918 did not bring about the lasting peace and stable world order that the 'peacemakers' and statesmen of that time envisaged. It would only be two decades before the outbreak of World War 2.

That is the sad truth that underlines World War 1. The other is that the tactics used on the western front clearly proved to be ineffective by both sides. From Germany's failure to secure a quick victory in the west to the series of failed 'offensives' and counter offensives that followed - defenses remained on top. It was only the tank and American pressure which finally ended it.

The result of this was an unfortunate loss of lives on the western front. To that, we dedicate this day of remembrance.

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