Monday, April 21, 2008

Blog entries on Helium

This blog has had a number of its previous entries copied and pasted into Helium articles for ranking against others on the same theme. And how have they fared? Well, pretty well overall. Some have done very well while a few maybe haven't fitted the article subject perfectly.

Favorite websites: 11/30

Causes for World War 1: 10/40

A look at the video game console battle: 1/3

History of World Cup: 3/4

Perspectives on game consoles: 2/69

The best software downloading websites: 3/4

Rights of free Software movement: 2/3

My favorite video games and an explanation of why they are my favorites: 5/27

Best video games ever: 11/113

Essays: Sustainable communities: 2/7

Is Windows Vista worth the upgrade: 6/52

Benefits of playing video games: 5/126

These articles, as you can see, generally are very well ranked in the larger topic categories. The titles aren't the same, and some have had minor editing. At any rate they are still on this blog, with images. I've taken off the archive facility however.

Still, pop over to Helium and you can read them there. Just click the link below and you will be on my user page:



Nice blog but it is more useful to post immediately the link of your helium articles here. You can do it when you highlight he title of the topic you describe and then use the link button above the box where you type the text and paste there the link.

Enjoy your writing!

Anonymous said...

As of now, a permanent link to my Helium biography is on sidebar to the right.

click there to view my Helium portfolio.