Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hovercraft Photographs

Greetings again. Having crawled around the Ryde esplanade for the day, I have snapped up ;-) some more photography to post on this blog. Two of my best efforts, I consider, are alternative hovercraft photographs. These are small images, but can be made full size by clicking on them.

I like the clarity in the first photo (on the left). Also, in addition, what is caught in the background skyline also appeals. You can see Portsmouth & Southsea. More specifically, the Gunwharf shopping centre adjacent to the Spinnaker tower.

The second photo below, is taken from the front of the incoming hovercraft:

The composition is just right, with the hovercraft right in the centre of the photo. However, the background is less revealing.

I consider these to be two of the best on my hard disk. All things considered, they provide two interesting perspectives on the hovercraft from the front and reer. But which is the best?

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