Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Man in the Middle

Who is the man in the middle? Why, the referee of course! Indeed, love them or loathe them they are an important part of the game.

Which is why it saddens me that they do not receive much credit. Indeed, if they make mistakes then those are well documented but if they don't -well nothing is heard of it.

Okay, so the World Cup has had some poor refereeing moments. But in the France-Spain game the referee was spot on with both the first two goals. The first WAS a penalty with the Spain player on the ball pushed from behind. The second was also a perfectly valid goal as although one French player was off-side he was not involved with play. But, do we hear much of this good refereeing? No of course we don't.

So, give these guys a break. They do needs some assitance, from players and from other officials also. Technology of some sort would also be useful but alas yet to be embraced.

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