Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Trident Submarine

I don't usually use this blog for political discussion. HOWEVER, exceptions can always be made and a recent BBC article ( on Mr Brown's apparent support for renewing Britain's nuclear deterrent, The Trident class submarine, for the cost of a mere 10-25 billion does not please.

25 billion, think of all the wonderful things you could do with that eh. I mean seriously, health, education, commerce - usually the important stuff - would all benefit handsomely from that sort of investment. But no, 25 billion is deemed better spent on a submarine & nuclear deterrent that existed as a counterbalance to the USSR during the Cold War.

Well, haven't these fellows heard yet? The Cold War is over and the USSR no longer exists! Forget about the ban the bomb jargon, it is all rather outdated rhetoric from a by gone age. Nuclear weapons should have been completely disarmed a while ago.

Incidentally, I am due a visit to a submarine museum soon where I shall see the old World War 2 submarine, the HMS Alliance, in dock. That's where the Trident should be lying in the not too distant future.

(above) Protestors make a good point


nameis said...

Quite - thanks Matthew

Matthew said...

No need to thank me, I say what needs to be said.

SPL said...

Thanks anyway.

Snafu said...

There's a delicious irony that most of Labour opposed Trident when there was a real threat and now that the Russian threat has subsided, Gordon is keen to replace it!

Matthew said...

Some might say that even the Russians in the 80's weren't really too serious.